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From the Sea to the Desert, Kuwait Has Something For Everyone to Enjoy
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Did you know that with the heatwave conditions that build up in several parts of Asia,
the mercury crossed the 60-degree mark in Kuwait, making it the hottest place on Earth!

Kuwait is indeed known for its long summers, sweltering, arid, and clear, cool winters that are dry
with chances of heavy rains, in addition to lovely weather ideal for any activity during Spring and Fall.


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    Winter in Kuwait starts on December 6 and lasts to around February 15. Temperatures decrease with chances of scattered and heavy rains. Winter is also known for its very cold north westerly wind. Temperature ranges around 13° centigrade and may decrease to 3.3° centigrade. The lowest recorded temperature in winter reached - 4° centigrade on January 20, 1964 at Kuwait International Airport. Fog sometimes occurs especially at nights. 

    Winter is the ideal time for desert camping and the “Kashtas”, as well as for outdoor activities and outings. 

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    Starting around mid-February, spring in Kuwait comes with moderate temperatures, some rain and thunder clouds and hot southerly wind. The hot south (known as Al-Suhily) wind blows during the period from March 15 to April 10. The maximum temperature may reach 41° centigrade which misleads summer. This period is dominated by the flow of easterly and south easterly wind especially during daytime. There are many occurrences of thunderstorms especially during the period from March 10 to April 8.  

    In spring, we can see many flowers and greenery blossom around the country, and it because the perfect time for outdoor walks, visiting farms and enjoy some strawberry picking, as well as a day at the beach. 

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    Summer in Kuwait is a season on its own, beginning around the third week of May. Temperatures increase greatly, humidity sets in, and winds are slightly unstable. By June, hot and dry north westerly wind (known as Semoom) blow in, bringing some dust storms which usually happen around the 2nd and 3rd weeks of June, and the first two weeks of July. The average maximum temperature ranges between 42° and 46° centigrade. Wet periods begin mostly on July 20 with beautiful clouds covering Kuwait. 

    Summer is without a doubt of beaches and water activities, with lots of indoor activities during the day to stay cool. Restaurants and malls are popular during that season, as well as the rich range of fruits from around the world that one can enjoy.

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    Autumn transitions around the first week of November, with temperatures falling gradually. Nights are colder, mornings are warm, with chances of clouds and rains. The transition may be accompanied by thunderstorms and the average maximum temperature ranges between 20° and 30° centigrade. 

    The change in temperature makes it a great time to enjoy shopping and a nice meal outdoors, making sure you don’t catch a cold during that season. 

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