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From Transportation, Banks, Hospitals and Airlines, Kuwait has You Covered


Once in Kuwait, visitors can easily move around by hiring a taxi, chauffeured car or renting their own car.
Taxis are available by hire or hailing on the road, while visitors must hold a valid International Driving Permit to rent and drive a car.

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Kuwaits banks are recognized internationally, providing all types of debit and credit cards, accounts, loans and other financial services.

Kuwait has a developed healthcare sector with public and private hospitals that follow strict guidelines placed by the Ministry of Health. Public hospitals are accessible to citizens and residents as well as visitors with a valid entry visa. Private hospitals are for the majority accredited internationally and provide an array of medical care, including emergency and outpatient care. A number of public state-of-the-art hospitals are presently being developed, including a new maternity hospital and specialized hospitals to showcase Kuwait’s strength in the medical sector.

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Majority of international airlines fly to Kuwait. The country has two main carriers, including the national airline Kuwait Airways and the low-cost airline, Jazeera Airways.

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