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The local educational sector is also advanced, providing education from nursery to post-graduate studies. Institutions are also divided between public and private sectors. In the public sector, citizens have access to public schooling for free until high school. Kuwait University is the only public university in the country and comprises leading faculties in oil, business and medical studies, while Kuwait also offers students programs in applied education and specialized training. Schools in the private sector serve the multitude of expatriates living in Kuwait and follow accredited and recognized curriculums from around the world, while private universities are open for everyone and offer internationally accredited degrees.

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Private schools in Kuwait count over ten American schools, over 20 bilingual schools, over 20 British schools, over 30 Indian schools, over 14 Pakistani schools, over 20 Arabic private schools, and other schools specializing in the French, Bangladeshi, Filipino and Egyptian curriculums. Public schools are free for Kuwaiti citizens. Some schools provide segregates schools or classrooms.

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Kuwait boasts some of the leading accreditations when it comes to universities, with its only public university, Kuwait University, enjoys advanced rankings when it comes to colleges such as the College of Engineering and Petroleum and Faculty of Medicine. Kuwait is heavily invested in the education of its nationals and provides scholarship opportunities in local private universities, as well as for study abroad in international universities.

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