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Explore the Hidden Gems of the Arabian Pearl

Culture & Trends

One visit to Kuwait leaves one wondering how a country can so well blend between history and culture on one hand, and modernity adapted to its image by a country whose people is diversified and very well-travelled. From landmarks and sights that tell a million story, to modern settings that make discovering the city and deserts of this true Arabian country an ever-ending exploration, Kuwait is without a doubt an experience different from the traditional tourism sense.

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  • A bustling culinary scene

    Over the past decade, Kuwait has seen a burst in its culinary scene with the launch of hundreds of local and international restaurants and cafés. The scene has without a doubt been led by a younger and eager generation which is introducing unique and very successful concepts that cover cuisines from around the world.

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  • Trendsetters: More than just a desert

    What makes Kuwait unique, we’ve said it, is its people. Well-traveled and always looking for what’s new and coming, Kuwait is known for setting trends in the region. From unique desert getaways, beach picnics, scooters rolling the streets, and even businessmen in their traditional dishdasha on skateboard, you will never have enough. Kuwait is also unique in its infrastructure. In the extreme south and north of the country lie acres of farms producing organic produces. Down the south coast stretch kilometers of chalets to enjoy the lovely beaches of Kuwait and its long summers.

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  • Old meets new

    Everyone knows the traditional souqs and architecture. In Kuwait, souqs are also home to the most modern stores and food concepts. Old architectures display art designs by local and regional artists, making them a great photo opportunity and joy to watch while supping over tea or coffee.

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  • Fashion and Arts

    The fashion and arts scene in Kuwait is significant. Fashion designers are renown in the region, and some even internationally. Artists in Kuwait are also very active, and galleries and concept stores have an event happening all year long. Artists from around the world are featured in Kuwait’s gallery as arts enthusiasts in the country are amongst the most sophisticated.

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  • Do you know the Kashta?

    Take your cars, mats, lights, barbecue needs, food and beverage, and setup in the middle of the desert to enjoy a peaceful moonlit night. The Kashta is by definition a “getaway”, or more accurately, a “runaway”.

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  • Walk of Stories

    Al Shaheed Park contains a wealth of history waiting to be explored. The most historical elements found in the park is the Al-Shaab gate, one of the five remaining gates of the old Kuwait Wall. Al Shaheed park narrates the story of a land, its history and culture.

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  • Culture: What you need to know

    Kuwaitis are well-traveled. The country is diverse in nationalities. Everyone is well spoken in Arabic and English. However what sets apart Kuwait is how welcoming its people are

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  • Preserving a true Arabian history

    Kuwaitis still wear their traditional attire. But what many don’t know is how Kuwaitis have adopted their traditional attire to suit their evolving lifestyle and work requirements. If on a business trip, don’t be surprised to see a Kuwaiti in a dishdasha with casual sports shoes.

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  • Diwaniyas

    A fundamental part of local life, diwaniyas are a reception area where men historically gathered to discuss various matters. Diwaniyas are preserved to date and are no longer exclusive to men as it has become accustomed for women to gather in their own diwaniyas.

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  • Music & Dance

    Music in Kuwait ranges from traditional music, to mainstream Arabic singers and as well as very well established music scene for the up and coming. Concerts are held during the year, specifically during the good weather time in February and March, as well as in September to November.

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