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Water Association Workshop 4-5 Dec 2022

The Kuwait Water Association Workshop 4-5 December 2022

The Arab Planning Institute opened the first workshop of its kind related to the environmental green key, which was organized by the Kuwait Water Society and the Arab Planning Institute, with the support of the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences.

Dr. Badr Malallah opened the workshop with a welcoming speech to the participants, praising the efforts of the organizers and the importance of sustainability for tourism facilities.

And Dr. Saleh Al-Muzaini, the word of the association.

The Green Key shield was handed over to the Arab Planning Institute and the Hotel Owners Union in Kuwait, represented by Mr. Abdul-Ilah Marafi, the Secretary General of the Hotel Union, Mr. Muhammad Najia, and the representative of the International Green Key Program, Amin Ahlafi.

The workshop will last for two days, with the attendance of more than 60 participants from hotels and the tourism sector in Kuwait.

During the workshop, international expertise will be presented by the Environmental Green Key Program and a mechanism for registering tourist establishments in Kuwait.

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