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No Quarantine for Arrivals as of 18th Jan,2022

Cabinet Cuts Arrivals Quarantine after submitting negative PCR

The Cabinet yesterday decided to cut the duration of home quarantine for vaccinated passengers arriving in the country to seven days, which can be ended immediately after a negative PCR test, the Center for Government Communication said. The health ministry recently changed health protocols to deal with a new wave of the coronavirus pandemic, with the number of new cases reported yesterday crossing 5,000 for the first time.

The health ministry has said people who contract COVID should isolate at home for seven days if fully vaccinated and 10 days if not, while people who come in contact with infected people should undergo home quarantine for 14 days. But vaccinated people can end the quarantine after seven days with a negative PCR test result.

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The government also decided to ban conferences, meetings and social events in a bid to counter the spread of the pandemic. Authorities have urged people to defer travel plans unless necessary and banned people who had taken the second dose nine months ago from leaving the country before taking the third booster dose.

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