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From Cultural, Educational, to Scientific and Business Events, Kuwait Fosters Innovation and Knowledge
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Visitors can enjoy great events all year long, hosted by our partners and the unique cultural destinations in the country. 

These events cover arts, culture, the sciences, education, fairs, trade events, touristic festival, sports events and car shows and activities. They are organized by the state-of-the-art centers and landmarks that can be found across the country, as well as by a young and enthusiat generation that is eager to share the latest trends, cultural dialogues and more. Events are held in both English and Arabic languages, catering to the multi-nationality population of Kuwait. In the case of events held in Arabic, visitors will find, when possible, friendly hosts to translate and brief them about these events. 

In addition to the listed centers that hold these events all year long, smaller events organized privately and open to public are advertized on pages of social influencers and bloggers on social media platforms.

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